Candidate Screening Assessment Tool

PEAK ThumbnailNow in Beta testing for interested companies — at a trial discount!

Industrial Athlete University has developed a proprietary pre-employment worker capability screening tool to evaluate a prospects’ likelihood of success and job longevity in a variety of roles within the food distribution environment, including night order selector, delivery driver, and day crew. Human resources personnel make the mistake of screening worker candidates for past experience in similar work environments. IAU has found a direct relationship between past experience in a competing organization and likelihood of quitting within six months of initial hiring, and no relationship between past experience and success with a new company. IAU’s Selector PEAK screening and candidate evaluation assessment is a tool to help operations and human resource representatives scout the industrial athletes who will be most valuable team contributors. PEAK is a 60-question assessment tool that measures traits associated with success in a distribution center environment, including a team candidates’:

• Attention to Detail
• Attentional Style
• Performance Under Pressure
• Spatial Awareness
• Professional vs. Job Goal Alignment
• Motivation + Drive

Selector PEAK results in a brief survey report (sample shown above), including a comparison as to how a candidate scores against top-performing order selectors and selectors working in your operation, including recommendations for development areas that can be used for coaching purposes if an offer of employment is made to the candidate. PEAK costs $49.99 per assessment for 1-50 assessments/year; $44.99 per assessment for 50-150 assessments/year; and, $34.99 per assessment for more than 150 assessments in one year. Assessments are sold in bundles of ten. Bulk discounts are pro-rated.

For more information on IAU’s pre-employment screening tool developed specifically for employees in the food distribution industry, please Contact Us or call (703) 637-0615 x703 to speak to an IAU representative.