Custom Video Production

Industrial Athlete University has succeeded in offering a broad range of video/film production services in its interactive training practice, winning projects with industry-leading organizations such as:

  • U.S. Foodservice
  • Performance Food Group
  • FoodPRO
  • Appert’s Foodservice
  • United States Military Academy
  • Others

IAU’s custom-developed videos are not produced for “production’s sake” – they support some larger organizational or business objective for your organization and team.

Finished video projects are deployed online or professionally packaged in a DVD case with four-color case artwork that makes the videos appear as though it was purchased off-the-shelf. The case artwork will prominently display your company’s logo with photographs of your industrial athletes in action profiled on the video. The back cover of the case will describe the video contents and the benefits of viewing the video for the audience.

Every phase of a video project will be a collaborative effort between your and IAU’s team. The same attention to detail that we bring to the development of our own internal programs will also be brought to your team’s project. IAU has produced dozens of video productions and, through our experience, we have found that your direct involvement is necessary during the pre-production phase. But, once we have scripted and shot the video, you can let the IAU production and post-production team do the rest!

Every video project follows a seamless planning and production process to minimize the time and effort required from your personnel to minimize disruption to your work, and maximizing the value of hiring IAU to bring the project to completion. Producing a video follows four phases:

  1. Pre-production Planning
  2. Production
  3. Post-production
  4. Final Cut and Packaging

Each phase is critical to the production of a refined, professional-quality product.

For more information hiring Industrial Athlete University to produce a hard-hitting customized video production for your operation, please call (703) 637-0615 x703, or complete our Contact Page.