Delivery Driver Training

What separates top delivery drivers from all the others? They keep customers happy, they operate safely, and they work efficiently and hit delivery windows — because they know how to work the box.

The SkillDrop™ Delivery Driver Training System is a 10-day step-by-step training program that helps to ensure that your new delivery drivers can successfully perform the skills and responsibilities necessary to be a successful food distribution delivery driver — some of which might surprise you that separate a real pro from an amateur.

Every food distributor transportation team has experienced the phenomenon where a new driver hits the road solo for the first time and makes basic mistakes: right manifest, wrong trailer; deliver wrong product; or, don’t know how to handle basic customer service issues. SkillDrop™ prepares new drivers for virtually every scenario out on the road and gives them a solid foundation of both basic and advanced delivery techniques, including:

    • Safe driving tactics
    • Managing and organizing their load
    • On-board computer operation
    • Handling customer service issues
    • Pre- and post-trip inspections
    • Safe handling of goods

The SkillDrop™ training system includes everything a company of any size needs to implement the training program, including: interactive training presentations, skills training videos, printed trainee guides and checksheets, and train-the-trainer manuals.

SkillDrop™ leverages the use of an in-house certified “play coordinator” and “coach” to facilitate the live action elements of the program. New drivers will be required to travel with a coach for a total of ten days before undergoing final tryouts to ensure their skill level meets a level of standard of performance your front office team determines to be acceptable for your new box jocks to take to the live playing field.

For more information on the SkillDrop™ Delivery Driver Skills Training System, complete a Contact Form or call an IAU representative at (703)637-0615 x703.