Food Distribution Companies

The foodservice distribution industry is fiercely competitive and operates on extremely tight margins.  Every link in the supply chain makes a critical difference in the level of service delivered to customers — if any link is weak, so goes the chain. Industrial Athlete University focuses its core service and product offering on the food distribution industry for three main reasons. The reasons are three-fold:

    • Experience – our team has a deep and broad understanding of the food distribution industry and the challenges that confront companies of every size in the industry; IAU wants to share our experience
    • Diversity – each of the players in every step of the value chain within any food distribution company are unique, have a specific role and purpose, and bring to their job a different perspective and personality; IAU has designed engaging training programs specific to those diverse roles and personalities
    • Need – training is, or should be, at the foundation on providing customers excellent customer service, ensuring a safe operating environment and providing work associates a framework for achievement and success; IAU training programs provide that foundation for success around those needs

The biggest challenge facing most of the positions in the food distribution industry is that training is done on-the-floor and informally. This means that workers receive inadequate training on how to perform their job incorrectly. Industrial Athlete University programs are based on valuable, bottom-line focused lessons learned working with the top industry players in the country to single-unit family-owned and operated distribution centers. IAU has developed comprehensive, innovative training programs and performance improving products for the critical food service distribution players, including:

    • Human Resources Hiring Personnel
    • Sales Associates/Representatives
    • Delivery Drivers/Route Associates
    • Routers/Delivery Planners
    • Warehouse Managers & Supervisors
    • Warehouse Selectors
    • Sales Associates/Representatives

For more information on any of Industrial Athlete University’s training programs for the food distribution operation, please complete the contact form or call (703) 637-0615 x703 to speak with an IAU representative.