Leadership Personality Assessment

Managers and supervisors in the food distribution industry — just like top performing athletes — need to make decisions quickly and perform under pressure. Two selectors called out? No problem. Record number of cases need to be on the truck tonight? Let’s get it done.

Industrial Athlete University uses a unique, proprietary personality diagnostic called TAIS — or The Attentional and Interpersonal Styles inventory — to provide trainers insight as to which executives, managers and supervisors can focus their minds and manage their emotions under stress.

TAIS is an innovative, performance-focused 144-question personality assessment that measures twenty different concentration skills, personal and interpersonal attributes. Those specific concentration skills and personality characteristics can be thought of as the building blocks upon which more complex human behaviors depend. TAIS is not only engineered for personal and professional development, but also for employee selection. Among the areas measured are:

    • Motivation and Drive
    • Confidence
    • Focus
    • Ability to Communicate
    • Decision-making

These concentration skills and interpersonal characteristics required by any specific performance situation will allow trainers to anticipate how a person will perform under pressure, and help determine the specific steps that will be most helpful in overcoming any identified problem.

Through our experience in the unique food distribution industry, IAU has developed a profile of successful managers and supervisors that can be used as a benchmark of comparison and performance development for an operation of any size.

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