Lock Out/ Tag Out Training Program

Duration: 4 hours

Success to a industrial athlete can only be achieved by following the plays, communicating with your team clearly and effectively, and identifying the dangers on the other side of the line and LOCKING THEM OUT.

This training program brings maintenance team technicians through the steps required to turn off, de-energize and disconnect machinery or equipment commonly found in a distribution center environment; its energy source(s) before performing service or maintenance, either locking or tagging the energy-isolating device(s) to prevent the release of hazardous energy, and the tactics to verify that energy has been isolated effectively and will not be re-energized until it has been clearly specified.

This control of hazardous energy training program provides an introduction to the concept of lock out/tag out and includes play sheets for maintenance technicians and handouts for executive management and affected personnel to inform them of their role and positions when they encounter a locked-out condition.  This training program also provides a detailed introduction to the tools and tactics necessary to use and follow to help ensure a safe work environment, including the:

  • Characteristics of a sound and proven Lockout/Tagout program
  • Types of hazardous energy enountered in a distribution center
  • Tools available and used to LOTO machines and equipment
  • Steps typically followed to control hazardous energy
  • Critical communication control points for every team member

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