Organizational Strategy Assessment

If you were to compare your executive team’s ideas to your vision, priorities, and goals for your company, how would they compare? How would you, or could you even, quantify this comparison?

Industrial Athlete University has developed it’s own proprietary company culture and strategy development assessment called ExecutiveBIO to measure how cohesive a management team is and how closely each team member sees company benchmarks, performance indicators and organizational objectives — and it’s all visual and put to numbers.

ExecutiveBIO is an innovative and 100% objective assessment tool that provides top executives a quick and easy way to gain an accurate and quantifiable picture of how closely their team agrees with them — and with other team members — on critical issues that are sure to impact future business success.

Other strategy assessment tools typically use 360-degree feedback to compare how team members feel about company issues. Drawing the comparison is important, but knowing and being able to measure how closely your team’s goals align to your goals and priorities is critical.

IAU has worked with some of the nation’s most successful companies from the $18B Royal Ahold concept U.S. Foodservice to the well-known Clyde’s Restaurant Group to understand how ExecutiveBIO works and how it can best be used for teams in the food distribution industry.

ExecutiveBIO can help top executives more clearly understand their management team and the perspectives that they bring to work — and help you measure how closely they understand and are listening to you using an objective and fair approach, customized for your company.

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