Pallet Jack Training

IAU’s Pallet Jack Operation Annual Safety Update is an online training session fully-compliant with OSHA requirements for operators requiring a refresher course (for whom evaluations must be done once every three years or in the instance of a reportable injury or accident).

This two hour online training session trains operators on how to perform their job properly and safely, and will be evaluated  by a practical 25-point test before receiving their safety update certificate. The training format includes highly interactive training on pallet jack safe operation, inspection, advanced maneuvering techniques and practical video demonstration. Additionally, each participant will be required to follow-up the training with a 15-day performance self-report to emphasize a safety focus and to reinforce learned skills.

The Pallet Jack Operation Safety Update includes:

  • Pre- and post-shift inspections
  • Jack controls and instruments
  • Steering and maneuvering around obstacles
  • Vehicle capacity and stability
  • Vehicle condition, incident, and maintenance reporting

Environmental considerations include:

  • Types of loads carried and considerations
  • Pedestrian and other PIT traffic
  • Operating environment conditions
  • Load manipulation (stacking, unstacking maneuvering)
  • Critical and unique facility navigation points

This program was designed by an IAU-certified Industrial Coach with specific expertise on pallet jack operation.

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