President’s Message

I am passionate about performance.

For much of the past two decades I have been helping companies of every size and in every industry achieve their absolute peak performance in whatever it is they do — albeit delivering food items, laundering and dropping off restaurant linens, or helping construction operations operate more safely.

The top organizations I’ve worked with have had two main things in common: every one of them had developed an efficient “way of doing things” that worked for them and they had devised standards of performance to know if the workers they had on their team were meeting or exceeding expectations.  In short, those top organizations had a game plan that they ran every day and they had goals that they wanted their team members (and work teams) to meet.  Where even top organizations fall short is training their new team members on how to run the necessary plays following “the right way”, and in a time frame where they can reach their goals as soon as possible.

Too often, organizations rely on unstructured, on-the-job training to get new workers up to speed.

The biggest mistake that companies make is assuming that being a top performers in a job role makes a worker a good trainer.  The second biggest mistake companies make is putting a worker in a position before they are ready.

My background is in the science of peak performance.  I received my degree in psychology with a concentration in sport psychology — the study of how the mind impacts athletes when the chips are down.  I love sports.  I love to see athletes succeed and try to understand why they fail.  And, what makes athletes great are the same components that make hard workers exceptional at what they do.

I started Industrial Athlete University because I want our clients to learn about those same ingredients that make pro athletes successful and apply it to their specific work situation “on the field” — whether they are involved in sales, management or are working hard in a warehouse, manufacturing facility, out on the road, or on-site.

When it comes to learning and doing a job well, training is not just about content — it’s also about delivery, media, follow-up and the most important element of it all: being passionate about what you do and having fun doing it.  Fun is what makes training stick.  And, fun and full-on engagement is what Industrial Athlete University is about.   So, enroll in an IAU program.

And, by the way, if you don’t see a program or course offered, let me know.  I want to continue to grow IAU and I want to make sure that we’re doing it through meeting your needs and through helping you make your people succeed.

Let’s succeed through play,

Christopher D. Stammer

President of Industrial Athlete University**


**Industrial Athlete University, or IAU, is not an accredited academic or degree-granting institution.