Route Analyst Training Program

The Industrial Athlete University team has found that when it comes to route planning too often the people most responsible for controlling and reducing transportation costs lose sight of the forest through the trees.

The Route Analyst 10/3 Training Program was developed to help routing professionals:

    • Consolidate routes
    • Lower energy costs
    • Control maintenance costs
    • Increase delivery window hit rates
    • Enhance driver satisfaction

The Route Analyst 10/3 Training Program was designed by transportation and technology experts to enhance new and elite route analyst’s applied knowledge of routing principles, transportation efficiency, and to enhance their routing skills while using popular routing applications like Roadnet Anywhere.  To do this the program focuses on three main areas of skill development, including:

    • Work Control – performance improvement, cost control, and enhanced customer service
    • Technology – tips are given to help routers leverage automated route planning software
    • Audit & Evaluation – outlines to steps to evaluate the effectiveness of any batch of routes

The Route Analyst 10/3 Training provides ten, critical tips that can be implemented by route analysts of any skill level that will immediately enhance the quality of their routes and have a direct impact on company operating expenses.

For more information in IAU’s route analyst/route planner online training program, complete this Contact Form or call an IAU representative at (703) 637-0615 x703.