Selector Skills Training

Order Selector Skills Training


The Top Dog™ Order Selector Skills Training System is designed to help new order selectors reach productivity and accuracy standards in as little as 15 working days* — that’s about three weeks total and more than two months faster than any other training commercially available or developed by any billion dollar company. And, even small distributors can access this incredibly valuable training tool — at no risk!

And, the training system is 100% customized for the layout, pick path, products, and movement in each facility.

The Top Dog™ Selector Skills Training System provides food distribution companies of any size all of the training materials — including e-Learning modules, training videos, printed items, and training guides — needed to implement the program and have new order selectors out-performing veteran pro’s in a month.


The Top Dog™ Selector Skills Training System includes:
Follows a step-by-step training process
Progress is continually measured
100% trackable
Up to eight (8) new selectors can be trained at one time
Identifies ill-suited job candidates early
Reduces turnover significantly
Reduces bad habits learned from other selectors
Reinforces industry best practices
Motivating and goal-based
Self-audited for continual program improvement

The coolest thing about the Top Dog™ System is that it doesn’t matter if the program is delivered by a manager, supervisor or super-selector: the program still allows them to perform their job*.

Applied, Performance-driven Training

By the time selector-trainees have completed the Got It! training, they will:


Operate an inspected pallet jack
Navigate the distribution center efficiently
Know where to locate fast-moving items
Describe and demonstrate selecting industry best practices
Build a stable and stop-accessible pallets
Understand and strive to exceed performance standards
Evaluate and train other selectors



For more information on the Top Dog™ Selector Skills Training Program, please complete the Contact Form or call (703) 637-0615 x703 to speak to a IAU representative.

A Note About Top Dog!

Industrial Athlete University was founded on the belief that in order to make training effective, it must be challenging, motivating and relevant to the job. After a comprehensive study of food distribution operations of every size, IAU found that it generally takes new order selectors anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks to become proficient at the selecting job — or, if performance standards have been established, where they are meeting the minimum standard as it relates to productivity and accuracy. In a world where a selectors’ career span with a single company may average 8- to 16-months, 12 weeks to proficiency is like a professional football player learning how to play the game at 30 years old. IAU knew there was a better, more effective way to train so we invented one.

* Results are atypical and vary based the job candidates, trainer capability, facility complexity and performance standards. Top Dog™ trained selectors have reached performance standards in 15 shifts. Typical distribution center performance standards allow trainees to reach standard within 60 to 90 days. This program was created to improve on that standard. For more information on the Top Dog™ approach, the anticipated program results, and our performance guarantee, please Contact IAU.