Talent Recruiting Training

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When it comes to high power recruiting for food distribution teams and talent IAU follows one rule: Start with the end goal in mind.

With decades of experience in both the sport performance and food distribution industry, Industrial Athlete University has developed “Scout for Success” a comprehensive three-day, 16 module training program for human resources and operations personnel who are involved in the personnel recruiting, screening, selection and on-boarding process for every team role within the food distribution operation, including:

• Administration
• Warehouse Management
• Put-away/Letdown
• Order Selectors
• Loaders
• Delivery Drivers

The screening and selection process is a critical step of IAU’s oft-presented “mean cycle” that leads directly to increased costs, high turnover and a high reportable rate if performed incorrectly. There is no better way to select and train your teams than by following a process IAU has modeled after professional sports. And, IAU’s “Scout for Success” program is compliant with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission federal employment discrimination laws and provides written verification of objective performance- and standards-based hiring decisions.

Scout for Success is a three-day course focused on 16 topics that are critical to arriving at legal, ethical and operationally effective, bottom-line oriented hiring decisions for every human resources level, including:

• The “Scout for Success” Recruiting Model
• How Team Players Earn Value
• The S4S Hiring Method
• Developing Team Roles and Player Stats
• Scouting and Recruiting Talent
• Effective Capability Assessments
• Structuring and Conducting Interviews
• Evaluating and Tracking Candidates
• Performance-focused Player On-boarding

The Scout for Success training workshop is conducted on-site over three, eight-hour days and requires a minimum of six attendees and maximum of 12 (because of the highly interactive training format). The program also includes a 60-day implementation and follow-up coaching program to ensure compliance with EEOC regulations. A program train-the trainer and program licensing option is also available.

For more information on Scout for Success, please Contact Us or call (703) 637-0615 x703 to speak with an IAU representative about the program.